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A blog’s domain name is very important for an online presence. It is preferable to come up with a name that is as direct to the point as possible. In my case, some people are asking me why I still use Mindanao Advice as a brand when this blog isn’t actually focusing on Mindanao or advising any longer. It is now more about my life, personal views, and experiences. So why keep a name meant for something else?

The first thing that my husband and I did was to write posts about our intercultural marriage along with advice on how to establish a good relationship. We lived in Mindanao and heard many sad stories about stranded relationships due to cultural differences, and we wanted to share our own experiences in the difficult art of living happily together.  That was our concept when we started, and this is also something I am trying to continue within a mixed setting.

I want to encompass other areas of my life since there are so many new things to discover after moving to Spain. But I’m still a young woman from Mindanao and proud of my roots. I like the fact that my domain name always represents the island in the Philippines where I was born and raised. I might not give direct advice to my readers anymore, but my experiences good and bad will speak for themselves and hopefully, someone can learn from them.

I don’t know exactly where I will go from here, but I will try to keep up the human spirit in the article I asked my husband to write as the first post in this blog, Mentality is Destiny. It ends like this: “.. by revealing our own comfort lies, taking steps to practice more kindness and mercy, and electing incorrupt leaders with good social profiles to represent us, we will have a greater chance to create a better world and to live a more meaningful life here and now.”

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3 responses to “The Essence of a Name”

  1. […] Another reason why I love blogging is that it is a good way to inform and inspire by sharing my own experiences. Small tips might have great value for someone, somewhere. And if you wonder why my blog is named “Mindanao Advice” you can read the reason here. […]

  2. what’s in a name … ?!
    this is valid for your function description at work (the so many “managers”) or in whatever in life,
    what’s important here is the value of the content,
    and as you write, your values and philosophic development remains based on your Mindanao roots !
    so who cares about the blog title as long as what you share is of great value to your readers,
    keep on the good faith and share !

    1. Thank you, Bruno. I appreciate your comment and yes, the content is the important thing. I will continue the best I can and hopefully grow more as I write more 🙂

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