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Childhood Dreams and My Current Blogging Status

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It’s funny with dreams, even if they have been stored away for a long time they can pop up again if the circumstances are right. This happened to me, and that’s why I’m now able to write “the footprints of my life.” 

Proof reading this post in the cottage and I have to go to the Town Hall of Halsa to get it online.
Proofreading this post in the cottage.

We have no internet in our cottage and are invited to use a conference room in the Town Hall of Halsa for our updates while we are here. I’m very grateful because I can update my blog.

I got hooked on blogging very young. The Internet made me dream of a grand future and internet cafes became my second home.  But my online writing didn’t lead me anywhere.  My approach was wrong, and to get the right one took me many years.

I had finally gotten a secure government job after a varied secretarial and real estate work experience.  I believed I had found my place when my unexpected marriage opened up a possibility to explore more of my talents. I struggled hard with myself. What’s the right thing to do? Should I focus on my government career, or take up again my fascination for online possibilities?

As you see, the adventurer in me won the battle and under my husband’s guidance, I started to develop my skills. At the same time, I studied a lot of short courses, and I’m now learning Spanish. My dream is to make my living online full-time, and my blog will help showcase my personality and my voice. It’s also a good way to improve my writing.

For social media shares, I can use the free wi-fi from a local café even when it's closed.
Sharing posts in social media.

Writing is a good mental exercise. It enables me to express myself, and I learn more as I do research on different topics. The trust and friendship I have gained over the years would not have been possible so easily without my blog.

I’ve always enjoyed looking at photos of different places in the world and feel really happy whenever I see my friends’ travel photos on social media. I am able to see the world through their eyes even if there are many selfies 🙂

Likewise, blogging is a means for me to share where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing. Not to brag, but to open up the world.

Another reason why I love blogging is that it is a good way to inform and inspire by sharing my own experiences. Small tips might have great value for someone, somewhere. And if you wonder why my blog is named “Mindanao Advice” you can read the reason here.

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