About Me

Hi, I’m Gracela Einarson… but everybody calls me Grace. I am from Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines, and is now based in Spain.

I grew up in Davao City where I studied for a teaching degree and later went on to obtain my real estate brokerage license. I have also worked at the Philippine Social Security System – Housing Dept and after that trained as a freelance virtual assistant.

On this site, you will find posts on things which I think are important to know more about if you are curious and concern about humanity. It’s all about my life-long motto: LIVING, LOVING and LEARNING. Over-all, it is a blog that I hope you can learn something from. I also want to learn from you so feel free to comment in any of my posts and let’s start a discussion.

You can also communicate with me directly if you have any questions. I’m married to a Norwegian, Eldar, and he will also give inputs if there are topics that he can fill in with his knowledge. Here is one of his credentials: Certificate from the Norwegian Film Institute.

Stay updated with the footprints of my life by visiting Mindanao Advice’s Facebook Page , Twitter  or Instagram 🙂