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El Hierro’s volcanic coast is shaped by strong winds and waves that are almost never at rest.  But calm natural pools appear now and then and make it easy to swim whatever the weather is. Some of these are facilitated for the public and are among the most spectacular bathing places in Spain. 

© Photos and captions by Eldar Einarson

Mountains and clouds have an eternal relationship in El Hierro
Punta Grande on the west coast
Easy to enjoy the sun when the authorities create good public areas
La Maceta
What a place to swim!
Safe on the edge
One of the iconic symbols of El Hierro, the bent Sabinosa tree as an air silhouette surrounded by iron
The path to Charco Los Sargos, another natural pool in Frontera
No one here; maybe too windy
But on the other side, business as usual
Wind in the hair makes you feel alive
If it is too much wind, just find a calmer pool
Up towards the clouds again
Time to drive over to the east side
Tamaduste with the largest natural pool on the Island. We lived here for three months in 2017 and it was nice to see it again
The rugged coast with its calm pools give a lot of impulses for reflection
Thank you for this marvelous time, El Hierro. I will be back…
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