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I had an exciting moment some days ago on a trip to my favorite Canary Island, El Hierro. I discovered that it felt like home when we arrived. Maybe we will end up here one day and here are some of the reasons. 

I wrote a little about El Hierro during the three months we spent there in 2017. My husband and I got a very good feeling for the small volcanic island outside the coast of Africa.

On a recent 4-day stay, we explored La Frontera, the second largest community on the island. The mountains, the forests, the rugged coast, and friendly people gave me a deeper perspective about the place. Although it is isolated, it must still be a blessing to live in surroundings like this. But there are not many working possibilities for young people and the population is getting older. My hope for the future is that the local government’s efforts of creating the “greenest” eco-friendly society on earth will give enough jobs to the younger generation.

We flew over from Tenerife via CanaryFly, one of the most punctual airlines in the world and it lived up to its reputation. We rented a car at the airport and drove 26 km to La Frontera. We had already booked a room at Pension El Guanche where the owner, Mariela, was waiting for us at the entrance with the key. The building is located in the center of the town and the staff is very friendly in the very typical Latin-American way that is prevalent here.

© Photos by Eldar Einarson

We are on our way to the remotest part of the archipelago. The giraffe in the departure hall of Tenerife Norte Airport is a reminder that Africa is near
La Frontera between the mountains and the coast of western El Hierro. Its bell tower is seen from all corners of the community and the clouds are often present with its cool silence
Our lovely host, Mariela, owner of Pensión El Guanche
Edtulio, an accommodating waiter in the bodega downstairs that serves very good local food
The Sunday Market, Mercadillo de La Frontera
Fresh bread and happy customers
Eggs and ginger among the fashion accessories is of course how it should be 😉
Young and cool with a lot of experience
Locally grown, of course
Fruits and spices make life more exciting
More choices
Playground for the kids while mom and dad shops
Posing for eternity. Local artists make the town more inviting
Bench and Art
The art bench and me
Outside La Casa Abajo, a nice coffee and sports accessories shop
Great coffee, according to Trip Advisor it is the best in town
Issa, responsible for making, serving and helping customers with information and advice
At the other side of the bell tower
Houses with beautiful gardens are spread out in the rugged terrain
Time to return home after a day full of good vibes
Peaceful views give peace of mind, time to sleep
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