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I have always been fascinated by fashion and personal stylists. I am now learning more about the profession and it is nice to discover that there are a lot of possibilities to create a better version of myself 🙂 

A polar bear, the closest we get to a white Christmas in the Philippines 🙂 and we Filipinas love Christmas with all the parties and possibilities to dress up
I am born with a little mole perfectly centered between and little above my eyes and it highlights my oriental look, a little fashion trick from my Creator telling me to be always true to my origin

Beauty and style can be good tools in building confidence for most of us. But it has to reflect our inner life and personality in a good way and I guess it is here where most of us have a lot to learn.

There are some small things I try to do weekly, monthly, or a few times a year to make me feel great and they’re quite effective for me. I like a nice hair spa, massage, body scrub, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow trim, dental cleaning, facial and exercise, etc. Of course, these beauty practices enhance my experience before putting on clothes and makeup.

Modern women fly high and sunglasses have become something much more than a protective device. It is fashion defining that a woman is as capable as a man or maybe more
Waiting for the bus in Oslo can also be done in a fashionable way
Sun, sea, wind and dressed in black. It is always fun to play with contrasts. Do whatever you feel for, but done in style, it becomes more fun

We all have some image insecurities one way or the other, but we can always improve just like the best-dressed people we know who cringe over their outfits on old photos and gasp, what was I thinking? It can take a while as we learn, or we can hire personal stylists to take the journey faster if we can afford it. Whichever it is, discovering more about all the possibilities there are and use them to develop a personal and unique style is a beautiful process.

For me, there’s only one thing that surpasses the beauty of fashion, nature itself untouched by commercial interest
Nature makes you feel free and this freedom is reborn when you learn to create your own personal style

Nice clothes, accessories, and makeup obviously cheer us up when we feel like our confidence level is slipping to none. We have our own body features and colors to consider. Most of us are not as fashionable as the models, so copying them to the toe is not really a good idea. But the fashion scene is a treasury of inspiration for all of us who love to look good.

© Photos by Eldar Einarson

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