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Education: Still the Best Way Out of Misery

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One of the things that I feel most strongly about is education. I am from a poor family, but my parents understood the importance of going to school. Thank God for that. It gave me the chance I needed to find a way out of a very difficult life situation.

What makes me driven so much about this topic is the end result called development. As our society is producing more and more educated and informed people, a modern and progressive future will no longer be a dream. Voters are more capable of effectively exercising their rights every election day if they are well-informed and conscientious. This is the best way to get in progressive and uncorrupt leaders. Thankfully, my sisters got the same attention to the matter because they are really trying their best to gain knowledge. I have convinced them through examples that it is a major aspect of development.

Mindanao Advice - Education

Don’t let poverty, a broken relationship, or lack of support stop you. If it does, your chance of success vanishes. If there is a will, there’s a way. Learn as much as you can and you will reap the rewards. You’ll have more opportunities for a better life and higher satisfaction. Educated people also earn respect and are seen as the ones who can always make a huge difference in anything they do. Aside from that, they are viewed as people who will be able to solve complex world problems through inventions and discoveries. That’s why most of them are not relaxed about having a basic education or a bachelor’s degree, they study more. They seek out an additional degree in universities or study online. Acknowledging that this is a form of sacrifice and very hard work may stop many of us from proceeding, but the dream of a free ticket to a better future is just what it is, a dream that will seldom come true. There is only one you can really trust, it’s yourself.

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