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Mindanao: An Amazing and Upcoming Beach-Holiday Destination

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Dreaming of a great vacation getaway? I promise you, my dear island Mindanao has a lot to offer. Whether you’re a true adventurer or just want a piece of solitude, beaches here are perfect destinations often with white sand and corals, crystal-clear waters, water sports, and other attractions.

One reason that made Mindanao the land of promise is the beaches which have lured a lot of locals and tourists to visit the island. You can find private resorts with natural paradise and sceneries and other abundant blessings. From simple to grand, these beaches are your venues for forgetting the stresses of daily living. Anywhere you go, you can always find beaches near your base here. Most of the beaches are never touched by modernization, so these beaches are still the finest if you like it pure and clean. It’s like Thailand must have been before the tourist explosion there forty years ago.


Zamboanga City has its famous pink sand beaches which are so stunning and naturally colored by nature. (Photo credits:


Siargao is another place best for water activities as it is closely rivaled to Boracay Island. (Photo credits:


And of course, the renowned Camiguin’s fine sand beaches on long shorelines are totally breath-taking. (Photo credits:


Take advantage of the not so overcrowded beaches with very affordable prices just a few minutes away from the mega-city like Davao City’s neighbor, Island Garden City of Samal. (Photo credits:

Relax under the sun and listen to the smooth sound of the waves which seem to reckon you to play with them. These beaches have clear blue waters with marine life and an array of coral reefs.

Let the beauty of Mindanao beaches captivate your senses. Bask in its extraordinary charm and majestic sceneries. Mindanao may have had bad publicity because of peace and order issues; however, there is more to it for the well-informed. Only a few provinces are in trouble and generally do not affect the growth of other cities on the island. Mindanao still has a distinctive and pleasant atmosphere for great vacation seekers. There’s nothing to do but enjoy it because it’s more fun on this side of the Philippines.

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