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Angels and demons are not just beliefs in the Philippines, they are real and easy to discover if you live here for a while.  The Spanish influence seems to have created a breeding ground for demons in almost every intimate relationship.

Living together is a challenge all over the world, with jealousy and self-righteousness as common threats.  Overcoming a relationship crisis without creating big wounds is generally difficult, and a challenge that can put you on a real test if you date a Filipina. If you cannot cope with irrational behavior and emotional heat, you should not marry her.

The best way is to take the “demons” for the safety valve as it is and understand the need for it. The women here (as in most Third World countries) are the most important glue in the society, but religion and tradition order them to be subjugated by the men. They must silently swallow a lot of shit from immature providers who “often do what a man has to do”. The fight to get a good provider and a kind man is hard and the clan mentality of protecting by all means what you consider yours is deeply rooted.  It can easily turn ugly if something rational or irrational is threatening the possibilities for a better life. So watch out for unexpected explosions. Try to understand. Be kind and your angel will smile at you again.

A Western man going to third-world countries to find a partner is often characterized as white trash; a poor guy with low moral standards who does not have a chance to get a good woman in his own country. When you add the prevalence of sex tourism, you can understand the skepticism that has been building up for years, nationally and internationally.

The only way to fight back this “all in one bucket” attitude is to make your relationship a blessing for both parties.  Try to understand and be kind. And remember to figure out before you get married if you’re just being used as a tool in a calculating woman’s survival strategy.

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2 responses to “Inner Demons, White Trash, and the Filipino Survival Instinct”

  1. Mark smith Avatar

    Absolutely wrong. White men of all descritions come here (rich and poor) to look for the kind of wife thats disappeared in the developed world .A typical developed nation wife weighs 100 kilos who doesnt know how to cook ( cooking is warming up a pizza in the microwave), drinks like a fish , smokes and shows no love whatsoever.
    In a filipina he finds love and respect and someone who wants to learn, of course she wants to help her family as well ,who wouldn’t.

    1. Eldar Einarson Avatar

      Your ”absolutely wrong” remark reminds me of the old fable of the elephant in the dark room with four entrances. A sage tells four men that the truth is to be found in the room and send them into the darkness from four sides, and he gets four different explanations when the men returns and the men starts to fight because all of them know the truth. Your explanation of the liberated western women is probably the reason why many men travels far to find a wife, but is the explanation a truth, or just a part of the truth needed to justify a choice?

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