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What You Don’t Know Can Turn Out to be Dangerous, Also When It Comes to Pillows

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Lack of knowledge is an efficient killer and you can easily sleep yourself to premature death. Science has revealed dangers in our daily environment that require action if long-life is a goal for us, and it’s certainly that for me.

I grew up in the Philippines and as the first child, I was my parents’ long-awaited Princess. They could not do enough good for me and drenched me in soft toys, and of course, I had a nice pink pillow. We were a normal family and everything could have been perfect if my parents had the knowledge about how mold and dust mites can create severe allergies and asthma. Like most people in the eighties, they did not know that soft toys and bedding can become very dangerous not only for babies but for all of us. Isn’t it a paradox that disgusting creatures live in things supposed to make life comfortable and joyful for us?

Dust mites are tiny “skin eaters”, an eight-legged arachnid related to spiders that we can only discover with a microscope. They live off our dead skin cells. Humans shed up to two kg of skin a year—a large food source for creatures too small to be seen by the human eye. They love warm beds and pillows and there can easily be ten million of these bastards very close to you every night.

It is a protein in the dust mite wastes that causes allergic reactions, and the air we inhale can easily be full of it. It flies around with the house dust and is hard to avoid. I have struggled with asthma since childhood and after moving to Spain, I fully understood the cause of my illness and how difficult it is to get rid of it. Something very unpleasant is following us almost wherever we go because it needs us to survive. This is the knowledge that should trigger us to take action and in my search for a solution, I have found something very promising.

There is a lot of information on the Internet on how we can reduce dust mites in our surroundings.  There are also many options for bedding. Most of them recommend synthetic materials, but if you want to go for the best protection for you and your family, use pure, organic, and chemical-free merino wool pillows and bedding. Organically-made wool bedding is the best way to avoid dust mites and gives you also great sleeping comfort.

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