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The internet is full of good advice. The best of them holds the essence of all human experience. Many are obvious and yet so hard to follow. Guess which is number one?

The best advice Stephen Hawking gave his children was to look up at the stars and not down on our feet. Hawking was a realist and advised us to conquer space to secure survival. Overpopulation, climate change, pandemics, nuclear weapons, and threats from asteroids and meteors are real. Our ability to cope with reality has diffused, and Hawking advised us to escape before it is too late.

But this is, at the moment, not possible. We have to try to solve the problems here on earth, and it is not easy. 

Any fool can know, the point is to understandto quote Albert Einstein.

This is an example of why wisdom is so hard to follow and why our future is uncertain. 

Elon Musk, who plans to colonize Mars following Hawking’s advice, is also a famous adviser. One of his core advice is that the application of key-skills in real life is way more important than university grades. Musk has a point, but when real-life learning lacks empathy, the result can be grim. Donald Trump likes to appear as a self-made man, but his notorious habit of lying as a tool to success is a guaranteed path to chaos. 

The world is in a state needing good advice more than ever. The problem is our ability to understand them deep enough to take the right actions. All of us got good advice since childhood, and if we dig deeper, we will hopefully know which is the absolute best. Good luck with your chores today, and be kind, always!        

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