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Mission Madness – New Book Release!

I love clothes. I see fashion as an art. I tried getting into personal styling, but it is something that I just now enjoy on the side. Writing about it based on my experiences will feed my longing to marry two of my interests: writing and clothing.

We are living in a difficult time trying our best to survive in all aspects of life. One of the negative impacts of the pandemic is on our mental health. The isolation is not exactly easy to cope with, at least for me. When I feel restless, I invade my closet. I enter into my little world: arranging, mixing, matching, styling, stopping to look at inspirations online and combining pieces to suit different occasions. It may sound weird for a woman in her mid-30s, but my activity gives me a respite for sure. I get lost in the play, and sometimes it takes me hours.

My background is modest, and my parents struggled to give me a good education. My mother was always careful that I wore nice clothes. As I grew up, I learned how to look presentable on a low budget, and this habit has followed me since.

Second-hand stores, sales, and online offers cover my needs, and I have enough clothes. I try to wear all of them and not wait for that right event or significant day. Every day is valuable. Yes, there are other ways to find joy and not just drown in a sea of clothes, but the colors and textures mesmerize me. They make me excited. The visual appeal and the confidence of people in clothes they love brighten up even the difficult times. It is like magic in a world of survival, like a play.

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