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Sunrise in Torre de la Horadada

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I often go for an early morning walk carrying a small camera. Sunrise is always a winner, and there is probably no better motif, at least not at dawn 🙂

The Mediterranean Sea stretches to the east from Torre de la Horadada on Costa Blanca in Spain. Every morning, the sun rises and maintains one of the best climates in the world. Beaches and the sun are the driving forces in a piece of social machinery that is now fighting hard. A small virus has put life on hold. Most establishments are closed, and the standstill is demanding. But not everything is dark; sunrise is always en route with bids for better times.

Friends of Sunrise

Sun and clouds

Beach rabbit

Beginning of a warm day

Drifting clouds

The watchtower

After the storm

Hidden treasure

Take off

Breakfast hunter

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