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Hello everyone,

Learning from my SEO Training

I was not able to post new stuff on this blog for some time because I attended to work and personal commitments. To keep you in the loop, I will start narrating from where I left off. Please, read on.

I had my online training in SEO (search engine optimization) with an agency based in Florida USA. I am proud because I learned a lot from my mentors. I was lucky enough to be a part of a company with a brilliant boss. The team was also very knowledgeable and helpful to me.

I had to wake up every two AM in three months for the training. I was taught together with an SEO from New York. We were taught step by step about the techniques involving a strategy the boss had formulated for a successful SEO campaign. I learned that the said training was actually worth $5,000 and I was lucky enough to be included for free. I really studied a lot because I wanted to apply as an intern to have a real feel of what goes on in the industry.

I remembered bracing myself for this nerdy pursuit…

Surprisingly enough, there was more to it than just the technical aspect. Before, I thought that an SEO campaign was just following a pattern and doing it many times over until I get the desired results. I know that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing do not only roll out major updates but also small ones, but I did not know the great debates between black hats, grey hats, and white hats… and that I have to be very eloquent in explaining to my prospects what to choose: cheap and fast results plus risks or expensive but sustainable. Surprisingly, most people approached me choosing the former because of a limited budget. I was struck with the kind of feeling when you want to help others, but you are hesitant to do so for obvious reasons.

Another interesting thing about my training was that I was able to reflect on the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Every new blood like me may have looked at ourselves confidently and wanted to unleash our newfound knowledge immediately. However, without the wisdom from years of experience, costly failure is on the horizon. I am happy that I have been taught well by my mentors and they are even willing to let me practice on my own. However, knowing how they rescue SEOs from the risks of ill-managed SEO campaigns, I could only wish for more training and possibly an internship.

My next article on this series will be about how that wish came true.

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