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We took a celebratory trip to Panglao in Bohol after receiving my CFO certificate.  It is one of the top destinations in the Visayas region, especially among foreigners searching for a piece of paradise.

We left Cebu through Ocean Jet Ferry from Pier 1 where some blind musicians kept us entertained. My husband recognized them from his first trip from Cebu to Tagbilaran many years ago.  It is a clever and sympathetic way to gain some money for the association of blind people.

Our boarding time was 8 am and we arrived in Tagbilaran after two hours.

A van and driver were waiting for us outside the port. It was a 30-minute ride to Panglao Tropical Villas, advertised as a quiet and laidback place on the beach. There were construction workers in full swing with the noisy maintenance the whole weekend that we were there 🙁

We escaped very fast to a place further up on the beach and enjoyed the captivating scenery. We found a good restaurant that luckily had good food and was far enough from our construction resort to deliver silence and a real taste of paradise.

It was a nice relaxation after my seminar and interview, but with unadvertised construction works going around all the time, the paradise became, according to my hubby, very Filipino 🙂

Anyway, we decided to laugh it off and found ways to enjoy our trip. It is good to commune with nature once in a while, and our travel to Panglao became memorable despite the lack of warning of the ongoing improvements at the villa.

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