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I am now living in Spain and like many Filipinos abroad I plan to retire in my home country. But the Philippines is in the “Pacific Ring of Fire” is at risk of earthquakes. 

Manila at sunset.
Manila at sunset.

Our nation has been through a lot when it comes to natural forces wreaking havoc in parts of the country. Aside from typhoons, earthquakes do happen and there is no tool yet to detect them in advance. In Metro Manila, there are fears of a BIG ONE in the West Valley Fault because according to the data of past earthquakes the Fault is already ripe. It could happen, but like in San Francisco and many other places in the world, nobody knows when.

But life has to go on and the only thing we can do is to be as prepared and alert as possible. Real estate developers continue with their projects. It makes me happy that our current government is very serious not only with its Build-Build-Build programs but also with the implementation of proper building codes, especially for new developments. More and more condominiums are being built, therefore the Filipino capacity to purchase is evident. The possibility of doom doesn’t deter people to live their lives as normal.  However, it is not an easy decision for buyers because one cannot gamble hard-earned money to naught.

One solid commitment to giving their clients safety comes through the efforts of Ortigas & Company in Manila. They are using the expert services of Magnusson Klemencic Associates in Seattle, Washington, USA to secure their buildings in case of earthquakes.

The structural engineer and Senior Associate Brian Morgen explains in this video how they uphold the structural integrity of the buildings under an earthquake.

Condos as high as 30 floors can be found in most areas in Manila so it is important that they are built to withstand earthquakes and also to cope with the winds during typhoon season. Before purchasing or investing, you have to really know what you are getting into. Seek condo developments that address your worries and answer all your questions in a good way.

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