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Yesterday, the laid-back beach town of Torrevieja on Costa Blanca in Spain got a vital summer carnival boost. Spaniards love to celebrate and if there is no occasion they will easily invent one. 

After more than three years in Spain in four different locations, we are now waiting to move into a new flat in a lovely Costa Blanca village first of September. We left Tenerife two weeks ago and are borrowing a flat in Torrevieja from some friends while waiting for our new home. And Torrevieja is a good place to wait with a lot of things to do. There are several beaches just a five-minute walk from the town hall and the beach promenade is bustling with life from early morning to late night. But the reason for this little report is a tradition that originated in the Latin culture, the Carnivals.

Normally, they are winter events welcoming the summer but here they also make one in the heat of August to warm up for the larger winter fiesta. I believe that people here can never get enough of colorful actions and throbbing rhythms. Here is a photo series made by my husband to give you a glimpse into the heart of the Spanish summer.

© Photos and captions by Eldar Einarson

8 pm at the beach promenade in the center of Torrevieja
Many stay on the beaches even after dark and return at daybreak in the summer months.
Fishing in the center of Torrevieja
A summer carnival is on its way a few minutes’ walk from the beach.
Participants on their way to the starting point and it is still very hot
A final touch-up
Sisters at arms
Pearls, feathers, and diamonds waiting for the show-off
The heat can be a challenge for the dancers so their friends are supplying water along the route.
For five euros, you can get a front-row seat.
Kids are always part of the show.
It is always a challenge to be a good performer.
Still young and innocent but older girls are on their way
The music becomes more intense…
…and it is time for action…
…and elegance.
It’s carnival time again!
Darkness arrives…
…with its seductive powers…
…but the guardian angels of the Carnival have full control.
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