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9 Things Which Amaze Me About La Herradura

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It has been a week already since I arrived in La Herradura, the southern part of the municipality of Almuñecar in the province of Granada, Spain. In Spanish, La Herradura means the Horseshoe because the bay is shaped like one. I just love the subtropical climate and the peacefulness. No doubt that I miss my home, the Philippines, yet I must admit that my second home offers a lot of amazing things for me.

• Where are the Filipinos?
I wonder why I have not seen any Filipino here 🙂 I have seen some Chinese and other Asians but where are the Filipinos? It’s obviously a natural instinct in us to seek together when we are abroad and it’s a little hard to adapt to the fact that I’m a rare bird!

• Fast transaction at the Town Hall
I was a bit shocked by the town hall when I went there because I was the only client and could just walk into a big office with two officers to get my Certificado de Empadronamiento. It is a requirement for my family residence card. I tried my Spanish, but the officer couldn’t seem to understand my accent. Anyway, the process took no more than 10 minutes.

• Drivers always give way to pedestrians
The best thing I notice is whenever I am crossing the streets, the cars always stop for me. During the first days, I stop, look, and listen as I am used to. Here in La Herradura, I don’t have to signal with my hands for the vehicles to stop or hurry for my life for fear of being run over.

• VIP-like City to City Buses
We don’t have a car so we ride the bus to visit other towns and cities. The buses have a WIFI connection. The seats are very comfy and there is a toilet on board.

• A relaxed atmosphere
The sunny weather seems to invite locals and foreigners to chill and just enjoy life. The sound of the waves when the ocean is a little rough is better than music. What I like the most is seeing people sunbathing, swimming, strolling along the beach, etc. which add to the comfort and coolness of the place. People here still follow the old siesta tradition so the afternoon makes the town very silent and peaceful.

• Free tapas
Granada is a traditional part of Spain where the restaurants are serving free tapas. When I order something to drink, a delicious small appetizer, tapita, always comes with it.

• Amazing foods and drinks
I am a foodie, but I always dwell on consuming healthy foods. Vegetables, fruits, meats, and seafood constitute my happiness. Getting it fresh is heaven, and the affordable price is a bonus.

• Beaches and restaurants everywhere
La Herradura faces the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the best-kept secrets among the beach destinations in Spain. It is quite unspoiled and the waters are crystal clear. It’s a small place but there are restaurants everywhere, especially along the beach.

• So much tan under the sun
Our apartment is a few steps to the beach so the sea is part of my life here. I can see that people are obsessed with getting lots of tan. I’m getting more color each day without even trying. At first, I didn’t like it because it’s a reflex in me to look white-skinned as much as possible. Since I am living in a place where the sun is shining 320 days a year, there’s no way I could always hide under the covers or avoid the outdoors.

The moment I set my foot in La Herradura made me realize that I am blessed to be able to have the chance to explore this part of the world. Discovering a new culture or way of life is an important educational experience and a great bond between me and my husband. Our home is near to every necessity and people are very respectful and accepting. I just wish my family, relatives, and friends are here also to experience these things.

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2 replies on “9 Things Which Amaze Me About La Herradura”

Hi Grace,
It’s good to explore new cultures and other part of world.. get to know the people and their foods makes you easier to understand them as well..
Nice view , have a happy life ..


Thank you boss, life is too short not to be able to explore the world or parts of the world. I am just thankful for all the opportunities given to me.

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