Mindanao is Waiting for your Business Initiative

Mindanao for Business
Photo: www.thebestofmindanao.blogspot.com

Wherever you go in Mindanao, you can see foreigners on leisure or business trips to different parts of the island.  Some of them are temporarily or permanently residing here, the so-called “ex-pats”. They consider Mindanao as a very good place to live, and many are married here. You can live and support a family very comfortable here with a small pension from abroad. Continue reading “Mindanao is Waiting for your Business Initiative”

Safe City

Image by Eldar Einarson
Image by Eldar Einarson

This is one of the first images I made here in Davao trying to capture the core of the reason why the city is safe. Official travel advice often tells you to avoid Mindanao, but I’m very happy that I did not listen to them.  Most places here are safe, and Davao is a very good place to start if you want to explore what the green and the fertile island can offer.


Eldar Einarson, Safe City, Nov 4th, 2014