My Visa Application Process at the Spanish Consulate

As a Filipina married to an EU Citizen living in Spain, it is easy to get a residency visa to Spain. At first, I did not believe it because I have read a lot of stressful experiences on the internet when getting visas. Add to the fact that there is not much information on the web on how to exactly go about the process, especially for those coming from outside Metro Manila. Continue reading “My Visa Application Process at the Spanish Consulate”

Getting my CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate – Part 2 of 2

Here is part two of this post.  It is about the rule implemented in order to protect Filipinos from human trafficking, but it is also a story about how our bureaucracy makes good intentions into a stressful affair.  All Filipinos in relationships with foreigners need a certificate to be allowed to leave the country. And you can only get it in Manila or Cebu.  The initiative is good, but I have a little question mark regarding the process. Continue reading “Getting my CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate – Part 2 of 2”

In Panglao: When Paradise Turns Filipino

We took a celebratory trip to Panglao in Bohol after receiving my CFO certificate.  It is one of the top destinations in the Visayas region, especially among foreigners searching for a piece of paradise.

We left Cebu with an Ocean Jet Ferry from Pier 1 where some blind musicians kept us entertained. My husband recognized them from his first trip from Cebu to Tagbilaran many years ago.  It is a clever and sympathetic way to gain some money for the association of blind people. Let’s just hope that the donations end up where it should. Continue reading “In Panglao: When Paradise Turns Filipino”