Walking, Our Early Morning Routine

In Davao, my husband and I used to brisk-walk around the neighborhood every morning. My husband took the initiative because he wanted to lose weight and we made it a routine to get up at 5.30 am.  The benefits of walking 30 minutes every morning are remarkable and it’s easy to include it in the daily activities. It’s only to get up early enough and keep on doing it, LOL. Continue reading “Walking, Our Early Morning Routine”

9 Things Which Amaze Me About La Herradura

It´s been a week already since I arrived in La Herradura, the southern part of the municipality of Almuñecar in the province of Granada, Spain. In Spanish, La Herradura means the Horseshoe because the bay is shaped as one. I just love the subtropical climate and the peacefulness. No doubt, I miss my home, the Philippines, yet I must admit that my second home offers a lot of amazing things for me. Continue reading “9 Things Which Amaze Me About La Herradura”