The Struggle of Learning Spanish

Learning a new language can be a real challenge. I have been self-studying Spanish for some months by using some of the many overwhelming resources online. Also, a lot of Latin American versions make it more confusing. I really needed some professional guidance and when a friend from my yoga class recommended a good Spain-Spanish teacher, I was smart enough to contact her.  I enrolled for a two-times-a-week session, 90 minutes each. Continue reading “The Struggle of Learning Spanish”


Book Review: Reflections from La Herradura

A Restful Stroll Through a Spanish Holiday Village

Renate Van Nijen, a Dutch artist and author has communicated with people she has met in her Spanish paradise, the village of La Herradura, and published their stories in a book she sells online and in local shops. A simple everyday writing gives intimacy to the project and focuses on Renate and her interviewees’ relation to their village. It’s a nice way to learn about a place from someone who has fallen in love with it and of course, they are all praising the charming community by the horse-shaped bay, and I’m starting to feel the same. Continue reading “Book Review: Reflections from La Herradura”


Lu Jong and I

Some weeks ago, a Yoga class particularly the traditional Tibetan practice called Lu Jong was announced at the Civic Center just across the street where we live.  I joined because Yoga has always appealed to me, and it is also a good way to meet new friends. I go to the session two times in a week every Tuesday and Friday evenings. Continue reading “Lu Jong and I”