It’s my 100th Blog Post! Let’s Talk About the Future

For the first time in several months, we got some rain in La Herradura yesterday and I was freezing. It was only 14ºC outside, brrrr. But when I discovered that I already have written 99 articles in this blog, I felt the warmth in my heart. I felt immense gratitude and decided that my post 100 should be about the people who have helped me to be a blogger and what the future holds. Continue reading “It’s my 100th Blog Post! Let’s Talk About the Future”

Friendship and Money

While scrolling my Facebook news feeds today, I come across some status updates of my friends telling the world how pissed off they are regarding people who didn’t pay back private loans. I remembered that a friend of mine lent some money from me some years ago and I wondered what she would do if I kindly reminded her about it. I wanted a positive story to write about and was pretty sure that she would say she was sorry and pay as soon as possible. I was thinking that she would tell me about her daily struggle, ask for a little more time, pay me and I would have written a story about the daily toil in my country. On how hard it is sometimes to survive, but without losing dignity by not doing things right. Continue reading “Friendship and Money”