I am 31; what matters to me now?

Mindanao AdviceI was an extremely competitive kid when I was young. I always wanted to be the absolute best in class and I got the biggest breakdown of my life when I transferred to a new school and for the first time did not get the honor roll because I was a transferee. The approval of my teachers was a major goal for me. For me, education meant recognition through perfection and obedience. Continue reading “I am 31; what matters to me now?”

Courage to Change and Will to Self Insight: We owe it to ourselves

We should never be satisfied with a life that isn’t offering rooms for personal and professional development. I myself like to learn and discover new stuff so that I hope will keep on moving forward. But since I am full of passion for a lot of things, I find it hard to focus. As I trudge my way to the trials and travails of life, I found there is one major thing I need to focus more: the courage to change ingrown patterns. Continue reading “Courage to Change and Will to Self Insight: We owe it to ourselves”

Why Many Filipina Professionals Marry Foreigners?

Here in Davao, like most places in our country, it is very common to see young Filipinas together with much older foreigners. This started probably with sailors visiting our harbors and falling in love with a bar girl and decided to marry her, and live here. Later, the Internet opened up for “mail order brides”, a possibility to have a better life abroad, and at the same time secure the family back home. Continue reading “Why Many Filipina Professionals Marry Foreigners?”