Vive la Sandwicherie!

The French Food term among us Filipinos is normally associated with expensive fine-dining. We picture French food the way it is served at Claude’s Le Cafe de Ville here in Davao, but a few days ago I got a pleasant surprise.  Salads and sandwiches are among my favorite foods for lunch and I am happy that I now have found a French Sandwicherie that delivers directly to your door.  They mainly offer salads and sandwiches, but take note, at very affordable prices. Continue reading “Vive la Sandwicherie!”

Caffé Avenida: Bringing Back the Past – Brewing the Present

First out in this café premises in Lanang near Insular Village was Jose Rafael Fine Coffee, after that Tazza di Bonta and now, Caffé Avenida.  The first two establishments were among my favorites, and now the new owners are some of my former classmates, Yangyang, Lala, Ivy, Dada, Cristina. Of course, I got very curious when I learned about it. Are they able to keep up the high standards from their predecessors? Continue reading “Caffé Avenida: Bringing Back the Past – Brewing the Present”

Revisiting Holiday Oceanview Samal

The service van of HOV used for site viewing by agents and buyers alike.

When I was very active in real estate some years ago, one of the developments I was marketing was Holiday Oceanview Village in Samal. The commission I got helped me and my family tremendously, and I have followed the project from the very beginning. The tragic kidnapping incident in September shocked me and made me think that it would be very difficult for new developments in Samal, but after a while, I got information that life goes on as usual,  and I was invited to revisit one of the most beautiful spots in Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). And the journey began with this van… Continue reading “Revisiting Holiday Oceanview Samal”