My Unusual Wedding

A grand and beautiful wedding is every woman’s dream, and so it was also for me. My husband and I planned a Grand Viking + Island Princess wedding in Samal two years ago, but a tragic event in the family forced us to delay and change our plans. The grand wedding became not so important any longer and we decided to do it at home on my birthday just with the family and a few friends. A home wedding is unusual, and after several approaches regarding it, I have decided to share my experiences. Continue reading “My Unusual Wedding”

House-hunting for my Family in Davao

Since I will move to Spain this summer, my family and I are preparing for a big change in our lives. We have a small budget so finding a decent house for my mother and sisters was difficult. Even if I have been in real estate, I had a hard time figuring out where to rent. I searched all over the internet, asked my network, but nothing was perfect for us and our budget LOL. Continue reading “House-hunting for my Family in Davao”