What Kind of Mad Man Has Become President in the Philippines?

Interview with my Norwegian Husband about President Duterte

President Duterte’s rough and direct way of talking makes dumbfounding headlines all over the world, and people are asking; what kind of mad man has become president in the Philippines? My Norwegian husband knows the Philippines well and he wrote an article about Duterte, “The Shadow of an Eagle” for this blog in November 2014.  I have asked him to answer some questions to help clarify the image of our new president internationally. Continue reading “What Kind of Mad Man Has Become President in the Philippines?”

My Unusual Wedding

A grand and beautiful wedding is every woman´s dream, and so it was also for me. My husband and I planned a Grand Viking + Island Princess wedding in Samal two years ago, but a tragic event in the family forced us to delay and change our plans. The grand wedding became not so important any longer and we decided to do it at home on my birthday just with the family and a few friends. A home wedding is unusual, and after several approaches regarding it, I have decided to share my experiences. Continue reading “My Unusual Wedding”