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Youn’s Kitchen: How I Ended Up in a Korean TV Show

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Something very unusual happened today. My husband and I walked from Icod de Los Vinos to Garachico. Thirsty after two hours of walking, we looked for refreshments and suddenly we were participating in a Korean reality TV show. 

The weather was warm and nice today and my husband and I decided to take a long walk. The surroundings of Icod de Los Vinos are still new for us and we decided that Garachico, a charming small town by the sea about 14 km away would be a good target. If I had known that this walk would bring me directly into a TV reality show, I would have dressed like a star LOL. But now you will just see the simple me drinking wine and eating some delicious Korean foods in a picturesque Canarian street. Season 2 of the Korean TV show Youn’s Kitchen opens in January 2018 starring Yoon Yeo Jung, Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, and Park Seo Joon.

© Photos by Eldar Einarson

On my way out of Icod de Los Vinos
On my way out of Icod de Los Vinos
The ocean behind the banana plantations
The ocean behind the banana plantations
Passing the silent town of El Guincho
Passing the silent town of El Guincho
A little rest under a large tree is never wrong
A little rest under a large tree is never wrong
Garachico in the distance
Garachico in the distance
Walking along the coast
Walking along the coast
Finally in Garachico and waiting for the waiter
Finally in Garachico and waiting for the waiter
Korean food on the menu
Korean food on the menu
My husband discovers a hidden camera just across the street
My husband discovers a hidden camera just across the street
He sees one more…
He sees one more…
...and another
…and another
The chef shows up to be a famous Korean actress, Yoon Yeo Jung and a busy bee in the kitchen, Jung Yoo Mi
The chef shows up to be a famous Korean actress, Yoon Yeo Jung, and actress Jung Yoo Mi in the background
… and the waiters, Korean actors Lee Seo Jin and Park Seo Joon
… and the waiters, Korean actors Lee Seo Jin and Park Seo Joon
Finishing my wine with a lot of hidden cameras pointing at me
Finishing my wine with a lot of hidden cameras pointing at me
Film crew at a street side
Film crew in a side street
The second season of the reality show Youn's Kitchen will premier on January 2018
The second season of the reality show Youn’s Kitchen will premier in January 2018
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132 replies on “Youn’s Kitchen: How I Ended Up in a Korean TV Show”

Thank you for the pictures! But I believe the show is keeping the location a secret for now since they’re still shooting. I think it’d be better if you don’t mention the location for now 🙈 (Because once fans know, they’d gather at the restaurant and the crew’s identities as a celebrities will be exposed, which kinda doesn’t go with the idea of the show) thank you very much ❤️

Thanks for your kind reply and concern. We just stumbled upon the restaurant by accident and I believe it’s hidden well enough. We informed that we would publish our surprising experience and they invited us to take some photos. Reality shows are always open for unexpected twists and if some devoted fans really find the place, it would probably be a part of the show 😊 All the best!

So funny. I just discovered this reality show. And saw that one of the waiters is one of my favorite Korean actor, Park, Seo Jeon.
I wonder how long this is going to be in production.
I have even looked up where Tenerife is.
I enjoyed watching this show.

Youn’s Kitchen team chose a hard to reach location, it is an island in the Atlantic Ocean! And I don’t think people in Garachico are into korean shows. Die hard fans will have to spend a lot of money before reaching the location.

They are very famous actors in Korea!!! Top star!!!!!

I am a big fan of Park Seo Jun!!. envy you.

I bless your luck.

It is a program scheduled to be broadcast in Korea next January.

I am looking forward to you appearing on the TV SHOW

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. You are so lucky to be able to see Park Seojun up close. More power to you ❤️❤️❤️

Gracias!! Thank you so much GOOOOOD Photos. (*^▽^*)♪♪ I am a fan of MR, LSJ.Your Instagram and Blog are amazing! ! Please let me introduce your blog in my blog. Please! I sincerely thank you. I am not good at English, I’m sorry. (T ^ T)… Please also look at season 1 of .(*^ω^*)♥♥ From now on I hope that the two of you will continue a wonderful trip too.

Thank you for sharing and great posting.(*^▽^*)♪♪
This show will be start soon on channel Tvn.
and if you don’t mind, can i uproad your photo on my blog? please. (*^ω^*)♥

Thank you very much Chloe! All the Korean actors there and the crew were very nice and it is indeed a beautiful town 🙂

Oooo soo cool! I saw you having lunch by television I’m a korean girl and i’m happy to see you post haha feeling kind of proud😋

Wow! Realistic photos!!!!!
Thank you for showing your wonderful real pics! Love it!!!
Now in S Korea, is showing this program in the air. Since last week, was 1st episode broadcasted.
You and your hubby were very lucky, had enjoyed time at lovely places and met famous stars. 🙂
I really want to travel there with my family. Obviously we will have a lot of good times there and make good memories in there.
Once again, thank you for sharing your pics and have a lovely day with your hubby.

Christina Ha (live in Gold Coast, Australia and i’m Korean :-))

Hola Christina, thank you for your wonderful comment. There are always unexpected turns and nice surprises on the travel path. It makes life more fun and educational. I’m thankful, all the best! 😃

Hi, I saw your blog post before seeing the show, and I just wanted to let you know that you will be in the third episode. At least you appear in the promo for episode 3 at the end of episode 2.

I though you might want to know it!

Hi!! I just find your blog and I’m in love with it, I’m from Madrid maybe I should ask in spanish hehe but let me try with english even when I know my english is really bad..!
You are so lucky you can meet these famous person!! I feel a bit jealous hehe so sad I don’t see it before because I can just go and visit they now is late 🙁 🙁 🙁 !!
I hope you the best!
I know it may sound like a silly question, or an unimportant question, but maybe you could give me your opinion about their heights? Lee Seo Jin 1,78 and Park Seo Joon 1,85 do you think these are real heights or they are shorts? I’m just a fan and is a really important think to me because I’m 1,58 and just…. I don’t know I love to know if they are really that height on your think they are short, because in some photos I see they and they don’t look that tall and I feel like they lie about it and maybe they are 3-4 cm shorter… I know can be hard to answer but well I hope you can give me a idea about it, thanks and again good luck in your travels and enjoy it, I go be here from now because I really enjoy ur blog.

Hola Marta, thanks for visiting my blog. I am still learning Spanish myself, your English is fine. That was an accident meeting and was a fun way to end our almost 2-hour walk. They are tall guys for me, because I am short 😉

I’m watching you on tv now. It was very pleasant time. Very beautiful town and nice experience.
Tanks a lot for your post and pictures

Oh I see you on TV in yesterday. I so happy to see you and know behind story about Yoon’s kitchen.
That TV show is best in my country, korea. haha!!

Hola !! came across your blog and knew that you were the couple guest in EP3! what a great and beautiful encounter with korean TV show crews ~ oh ya.. not forgetting they have Denmark Minister in EP1 and now a Norwegian film director (your hubby) .. you all are lovely guests in the show. ^_^ Thanks for sharing those behind-the-scene photos as well !

hi~ i’m seowoo. when i saw your blog post for youn’s kitchen TV show review, i really was happy. Anyway, i have a youtube channel. if you don’t mind, i want to introduce your blog to my subscriber. And your husband said that made a movie in Hollywood. I’m curious about those movies. could you give me a some information? thank you so much~

Hi, Seowoo, yes you can introduce my blog on your youtube channel 😊 It’s a long time since my husband was active in the film industry and he told me he was just joking about his Hollywood past in Youns Kitchen, but here is a link to some info about him from The Norwegian Film institute: He was executive producer for an American movie, Turnaround” in 1986. Here is a link to his first movie as director from 1974 that I found on YouTube, but it’s in Norwegian, the English title is “Desertion” All the best!

thanks grace!! you are a very kind person!!
and i’m so happy because of your information in detail.
i’ll pray to keep your love and your husband passion.
me and instead of my subscriber, again thanks^^

Hi. I am very happy to find a great blog! I saw you at the Korea TV program Youn’s Kitchen. And I got to know the blog address on seowoo’s YouTube channel. It’s so nice to be able to see hidden cameras and shooting staff on the blog that I could not know when watching TV programs! fun. 😀 I wondered where the camera was hidden. And great pictures of Karacho! Especially the sea picture is very beautiful. It was a walking trip, was not it difficult? and… The sentence might be a little awkward because I use a translator. I apologize in advance. And I heard that a close relative got a gold medal at figure skating, congratulations!

Thank you so much for your kind comment! Garachico is a fantastic place and walking is easy on Tenerife. The island is full of good walking paths 🙂

I was really surprised because when I was reading your blog today about the show, very lucky because it was you and your husband’s part appeared. I was terrified and didn’t expect.

You and your hubby are amazing.
You are very lucky to meet them and I guess, Youn, the Chef was also happy and proud meeting and knowing you & your hubby as film director.
God bless!

Hai…holla 🙂
i’m not good in English… sorry before
Today, i watched tvn and Youns Kitchen which i like was airing eps Spanyol Garachico, restouran & food in menu are good looking hehe… and tv was showing you … i go for looking the picture korean food and your photo was showing… i klik and i’m here , your blog… so beautiful Garachico… thank’s

Hola Dew, thank you for visiting my blog. It’s definitely a beautiful place and the food that was served at Youn’s Kitchen was topnotch!

Hi, I’m from China. What a big surprise to find your blog after seeing you on the reality show, haha. Love your blogs and this website, Thanks for your sharing!

Kababayan. Unang kita ko palang sayo sabi ko na Pinay ka eh. Pag upo mo palang dun sa table outside. Then you mentioned about a close relative who won a gold medal in a skating competition in Manila. Sabi ko, “sabi ko na eh pinay ka”. It was so nice to see you on the show. Your husband seemed so nice. I enjoyed the third episode more seeing you and your husband. Youn’s Kitchen is really one of my fave TVN shows. 🙂

i just saw you on tv. like just now! haha i knew you were a filipina but surpirsed that your from mindanao too! you are so lucky eating their stuff and meeting the she was pretty guy haha <3

Yes I am, particularly from Davao City. I thought we were already lucky finding Asian food in Garachico, there was actually better than that hahaha 🙂

Hi. I saw you while watching Youn’s kitchen 2…you are really lucky to have met seo-jin and park seo joon… 😍😍😍 they are 2 of the most handsome korean actors i know. 💓💓💓

Watching it now here in the Philippines! I recognized you that you are Filipino. How lucky you met them in person and I am totally jealous now, hahaha! I got “kilig” when both of you saying “My love”, gosh so sweet to hear! Cheers for more trips and God bless you both.

Thank you Cza, don’t be jealous just meet them in person now na haha they are nice and humble 🙂 More trips and surprises again, yeah!!! God bless!

OMG!! you’re so lucky!!! I am a big fan of lee seo jin and how was it to see him live? Isn’t he very handsome and has an attractive personality too?

I saw you first in the show before arriving here in your blog, and I was like OMG it’s really the Filipina woman. And what’s more surprising is that you are from Davao City, (same same). Waah!!~ By the way, you and your husband are so cute together! God Bless!

Hello! I’m from Alicante, Spain. It’s a pity that I found out later, I would have liked to see them in person, only to see how they work as waiters, a difficult task. One question, is there any way to find out where the third season of this program is going to take place, I would like to go to the place where it is recorded. I know it’s hard, but I’d love it ..
Thank you

Hi Maria, I have no idea where the next season will be. I’m sure the producers will try to keep that a secret. We just found out the place by accident. It was a nice experience with the actors and the crew there and the food was really good 🙂

Just saw your episode with you and your hubby. You guys are so cute! One thing I was wondering/curious about. Did you or others know that the staff were all very famous stars in Korea? It seemed like no one realized these huge stars were making their food and serving them. Also this reality show is SUPER popular in Korea. I think the ratings were very very high.

Thank you, April. We didn’t really know. It was a nice surprise afterward. They were so humble about it. 😉😃😍

I envy you! I love Park Seo Joon! He’s a versatile actor. When I first learned that he’s filming in Spain, I planned to go there hahaha. 🙂

Youn’s kitchen 2 is now airing its 7th episode on TvN and is a popular and top rated reality show in Korea and Asia, really happy you could visit the restaurant and eat the korean dishes! You and your husband are well liked and very cute ~ Thank you for being nice customers to the waiters and actors, Lee Seo-jin and Lee Seo-joon!

Thank you for your kind comment! It was a surprise to find a Korean resto during our walk to Garachico. Good food and great staff 😀😍

Omg… Haha.. Yes i remember you & your husband in one of episode… Very lucky!! I’m from Malaysia & a fan of Park Seo Joon & youn’s kitchen.. Omg.. Im jealous! Haahah 😍😅😉🤩😘.. Anyway.. How’s the food??

Hi Elia, thanks for dropping by. Superb food and ambiance of the resto was amazing, add the surprise that we were being served by great actors 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hi. Thank you for sharing your lovely moments with these beautiful souls. 😊 You are so lucky to be a part of this show. Even I’m waiting for next episodes on tvN 😍😆😍

Congratulations on your sudden fame. We are lucky to have you blogging about them in English. You seems to be the only customer sharing your experience in this well known tv programme. We felt jealous that you got to meet them but at the same time grateful that you appreciate them in your blog.
May you hv more luck in future.

Thank you very much, Siti. Maybe one day you’ll meet them in person, you already know what to do… sharing is caring 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ate, it was you! Just finished the episode you were in. From the first look, I said “I think she’s Pinay”. And then you started talking about a relative winning an ice skating title in Manila. Wahhhh, you’re so lucky! Park Seo Joon’s my ultimate crush! Continue sharing your travel stories. More powers! ❤

Gracias Elaine, nice of you to say that 🙂 I’m not from Manila though, I am from Davao. I’m glad you like this little post about my experience. I also wish one day you will get to meet your crush in person 🙂 Salamat po!

Wow, I just watch the episode that you were in , Im so envious of you having Seo Joon and Seo Jin to serve you as well as the nice place you were in… Lucky you. Good luck and Safe trip on your next travel