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If you walk the streets and look at everyone’s face, you can (if you are observant) identify the happy and sad ones, the carefree and the problematic, the poor and the well-off. Often the poorest share smiles and laughter while the rich are cold and arrogant. We cannot really tell what’s within each and every one of us. If we only knew, then we would have a better understanding of our fellowmen.

All of us have problems. It is definitely part of life. We get beaten by badly surprising circumstances and many other draining issues. Due to hardships and pressures, many give up. They allow themselves to get hurt, depressed, and sad. There is no light in their lives. When they are unsure how to move on, they care less about the future and often resort to temporary satisfaction in alcohol and drugs. We can see it every day if we want to.

Many also seek comfort in God and endure hard toil, but at times in a destructive routine that they cannot get out of.  It’s easy to say that they need to see the light, to be positive, bold, and brave, but it’s very difficult to do it in a way that really helps.

If someone thinks he has no value, all the negative thoughts are there, and it’s natural to get pissed off if someone in a better position appears with holy admonitions. Alcohol and drugs are often the only light in the dark, and help means cash for another bottle.

I am not a judge to delve into others’ affairs or assume that I am better than them, but I have the need to reach out and share my experiences of never giving up the dream of a better life. I have been luckier than many, so I feel it’s my obligation to help the best way I can. But it’s difficult to make a difference when you are occupied all day with a job and family.

I admire the many volunteers from the Church and charity organizations that despite their complicated lives still have the time to help others in a devoted way. Let’s all try to inhale this spirit of hope and compassion, and do a little more for the poorest around us.

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