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All of us are born with a strong need to be appreciated, accepted, and included. But as we grow older, we tend to get stuck in daily toil and routines that drain us of confidence and self-worth. It amazes me how easy it is to forget our need to be seen as we deserve. I have decided to do something about it.

I have always had a strong interest in fashion. I have studied the craft online for a while and I am now taking a Personal & Fashion Styling Course by celebrity-stylist, Casey Paul. It strongly appeals to me because of Casey’s generosity and eye for ordinary people and their potential to build their confidence by developing a personal style based on the knowledge of the fashion world. She keeps it down to earth and her main aim is to help ordinary people discover their possibilities for personal growth by taking better care of themselves. Well, at least it is how I read her and this philosophy suits me well. I am not rich and my budget for clothes is very limited so I am focusing on simplicity. Extravagance will have to wait until my bank account can take it. 🙂

For the moment, I am giving advice to friends mainly in my hometown, Davao City, Philippines

It is great to be able to give advice to people who struggle so hard in their lives and inspire them to do something with their physical appearance. When it comes to myself, I am not getting any younger and I really want to evolve my look in a way that really expresses me. I often see older women who are more fashionable than young ones. I also want to have fun with clothes despite the changes in my body.

I am annoyed about getting up every day seeing a closet full of clothes, but still don’t have anything to wear. Then I buy new ones while other pieces are just sitting there taking up space. Statistics say most of us only use 20% of our wardrobe. How true.

I am tired of ending up with clothes and accessories which clearly aren’t for me. There seems to be a problem with the shape or fit, color, etc, whatever. I can see it now just by comparing my photos wearing the wrong colors versus the colors which suit me.

I want to gain back the confidence I had when I was working in offices or marketing real estate where I made an impact through the way I dressed. My signature style then was smart-casual. They were not expensive and secondhand shops can offer good solutions, but as much as possible, I try to look for quality.

Ready for a new game
Of course, I also dream about being glamorous and extravagant but I have to focus on where I am needed: helping people with limited resources realize the possibilities of what a little more personal styling can do to improve their self-image.

Our society treats people who are well-dressed positively. Whether we like it or not, appearance counts. My Mama told me when I was young, “even if we are poor, we have to dress presentably.” She struggled very hard to make me finish school all the way through and she was there to remind me about the importance of proper dressing. Women are the glue in most societies. We need more women as decision-makers, so it is vital that women become as visible and confident as possible.

© Photos by Eldar Einarson

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