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It was of course way too early to pack my clothes in late June for our move back to mainland Spain on the first of August. But I had an idea for a self-challenge lurking at the back of my mind and the month of July seemed apt to execute it. I decided to pack my colorful clothes first and just wear my neutral and quasi-neutral colored clothing for 30 days.

I was skeptical about it though because I enjoy wearing colorful clothes, however, the endeavor was exciting for me as a personal styling student. I hope to inspire to mix and match with what is already available and to discover that the classy feel of neutral colors can be achieved easily.

Based on my assessment, neutrals suit my skin tone so that’s a bonus for my self-imposition. I just wore what I had not packed away and in the process, I was hoping to discover more about myself.

True enough, one of the obvious things I discovered about my personal style was that I really don’t want to go all-out neutral. I still want accents through the designs or accessories on my clothing. I like to keep things simple but highlight a part. I also thought that I am totally finished with those boyish years. But as I mixed and matched, my flair for street style resurfaced with a bit of smart casual. I need comfort, but I want to look put-together as well.

Time flew so fast that I finished it without a fuss. It was like a little fun game that had to end. I played with the colors and style depending on my mood that day. It is not really difficult to look presentable, but I still have to work more on my makeup. I used as little as I thought was reasonable for this challenge and the confidence alone that dressing up added when I stepped outside was remarkable. By the way, here are my outfits photographed by my always patient husband 🙂

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