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I Started to Vlog in Spanish Even If I Am Not Fluent Yet

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I am struggling to be more fluent in Spanish. Normal social contact has not been possible for almost a year. I am still on the intermediate level. I feel like I am hitting a plateau or stall out on my progress despite studying a lot. I write and read better than speak, so I am trying a new activity hoping for feedback from my Spanish-speaking friends worldwide.

The internet is useful. I am communicating almost daily with people from South America and Spain who need to improve their English. It is a smart way of helping each other. I want to check what will happen if I also start to vlog in Spanish. I am on my Mindanao Advice YouTube channel and have already posted two videos: an introduction to this endeavor and one on the things I like about Spain. After I made a video, I noted my mistakes, pronunciation, and expression. There were blatant errors that I did not realize I was repeating. It is an efficient way to learn.

If you are a Spanish speaker with sympathy for my little project, please feel free to correct and guide me with a spontaneous response. I have a lot to learn and since mingling freely with people is still months away, your feedback will be very much appreciated. I regret not paying attention to my mother’s former Española boss who told me to sit on her lap so she could teach me her language when I was a kid. I just wanted to play. It is not too late to pursue that, though. Here is my first vlog in Spanish:

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