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I must admit that I don’t know so much about art, but I love colors, style, and design. When these three elements are combined, I’m easy to satisfy. So, why not follow me into an art exhibition here in Halsa that is only open six days a year; three days in the summer and three days in the winter. 

A group of locals bought a residential house in the center of Halsa and use it for cultural activities. The house is small and the activities many, and when I heard of a three-day summer exhibition coming up I decided to visit. Followed by my husband and his camera without any idea of what to expect, I became pleasantly surprised.

The gallery was manned by Ms. Borgny Bersås, and Inger Lise Kristensen who gave us a warm welcome.

The paintings which greeted me first was signed by Ms. Eilin Fonstad. She seems to be productive and widely exhibited on the grassroots level since 2003. Her colorful and entertaining style amused me. I immediately loved the “colorful cows”.


Right across, I was captured by a set of visuals made by graphic designer and illustrator, Ms. Ingun Redalen White. This time, I got a feeling of mystery and loneliness.  I love fashion and to see it integrated into dreamlike settings mesmerized me. The clever captions on each picture invited me to decipher the creator’s mind, but of course, I couldn’t really do it. That’s the core of a dream.

Title: "High tea in low places"
Title: “High tea in low places”
"The high end of low"
Title: “The high end of low”
"The past is a foreign country, the do things differently there"
Title: “The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there”
"Mama get the hammer, there is a fly on daddy's head"
Title: “Mama get the hammer, there is a fly on daddy’s head”

Some glasswork of Hett Glass run by Ms. Ellen Larsson and Kari Mølstad were also displayed.  A handcrafted glass of this quality gave me a nostalgic feeling and gave this exhibition a link a long time back in history.

It nice to be able to dive into the wonders art can open up for.  I salute the efforts of the Halsa community especially the volunteers for this initiative.

Featured image/Artwork on the homepage: “High Tea in Low Places” by Ms. Ingun Redalen White

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