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Love has many beautiful manifestations all over the world. If you are so lucky to be in Barcelona you will find the strongest love appearance man has ever built: The Basílica of La Sagrada Familia—a colorful temple of faith, hope, and love.

The most important place for me in Barcelona is the fantastic La Sagrada Família. I felt I was surrounded by a magical feeling of universal love and I will tell more about it in my next post.

This mind-blowing cathedral that is still under construction is the life’s work of Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926), a Spanish architect who was inspired by neo-Gothic art and Oriental techniques. He took over the project at the end of 1883 after the original designer resigned. Up to now, it is still unfinished, but on a timetable inside the Church, it was indicated that the plan is to complete the structure in 2026 (the centenary of his death). The slow progress of the construction is because the project is funded from donations only.

Being surrounded by this strong evidence of love as the core of the universe was overwhelming. It was a wonderful reminder that God is pure love and that this aspect of my Catholic faith has too little power in our troubled world.

My husband took some photos and as usual, pictures say a lot more than words. Just enjoy the beauty of this fantastic tribute to the love of God!

Thanks to my husband for photos taken wearing a matching shirt :)
Thanks to my husband for the photos 🙂


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