Las Flores del Mar: Gastronomy and Playfulness in El Hierro

El Hierro is an island of spectacular volcanic beauty. The lively inhabitants are strongly connected to Latin America and this amazing environment now has a restaurant that mixes these colorful vibes with an excellent Italian twist. 

Las Flores del Mar (The Flowers of the Sea) is run by a charming couple who could easily fit into a pirate movie.  The atmosphere has a touch of adventure and the food is very tasty. It was a pleasant surprise to find a place like this on the remotest part of the Canary Islands. The kitschy decorations are done with real artistic finesse, and with Italian expertise in the kitchen, the eating experience becomes a joy.

© Photos and captions by Eldar Einarson


Welcome to the house of Lello & Gyolie. The restaurant is located near the center of Tigaday, on the left side of Calle las Lajas (4) when driving from the airport and Valverde


The hosts, a well-tattooed pirate and an Italian adventurer who earlier had a resto in Tenerife. They fell in love with El Hierro during a short visit, moved over and opened up their new place in December 2017


Welcome to a great meal in the fantastic climate of El Hierro. The evenings can be a little chilly in the three-walled place especially in the winter season so just have that in mind. But here it’s absolutely perfect with chilled red wine while waiting for a Pizza Tropical


Banana is a part of the island’s agriculture. Why not use some for decors while it ripens?


A chair upside-down from the ceiling. I have not seen that since an exhibition in the Pompidou Centre in Paris in the late 1970s. Good art ideas will always survive and it was a funny reminder


An old suitcase has turned into flying mode towards its final destination; another little fantasy trigger 😊


Pizza tropical with a generous amount of avocado, bacon, and scampi. One of the best pizzas I have eaten for a long time


Restaurants with huge pepper-mills is not a common sight on remote islands. A clever way to make a difference


Seafood is the main focus and the delightful starters come in big portions which are obviously meant for sharing


What is more natural than a tomato-based seafood soup on an island with 1,100 volcanoes?


Tiramisu, of course, the way it was made when Marco Polo set off for the Silk Road and China


Gin & Tonic, the real adventurers’ best friend after a long day in the wilderness


It is always easier to survive the wind and waves of the Atlantic Ocean with a good crew on board. Here is Judith to the right together with Gyolie and Lello



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