The Strong Women of Icod de Los Vinos

I have not been blogging for a while due to my studies. But yesterday, my husband returned home with some photos of a local folklore group that I just have to share. The photos really reflect the women’s position in the local society. Guess who rules? 🙂

© Photos and captions by Eldar Einarson


Enjoying a long-awaited sun before the show starts


Waiting for everything to be ready


The children are the first ones to perform


Full concentration


Finally, here we go


It’s still perfect to be a little man


But the girls will soon take the lead


The spine of society


Don’t mess with us!


It’s not easy to be a lazy man here


I know my worth…


…me too


…and me as well


In front as deserved


The next generation swirls in


The square outside the town hall is often used for performances. Icod de Los Vinos has really something to be proud of 🙂


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