So I’ve Started Vlogging in Cebuano…

Vlogging is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have tested it out several times in English and failed because I did not have a good enough purpose with it.  Finally, my husband suggested to do it in my own language, and suddenly things worked out much better. 

He inspired me to ask what is my purpose? Who should be my audience? In what form should it be? What about the content? I had to think hard about the first three questions, the last not as much since I have a resource from my blog already. I have experiences now which could be helpful for others and doing it in my own language feels absolutely right to do.

Cebuano or Bisaya is what I’ve grown up with. It’s the core of who I am. Many of my target viewers know English, but I also want to reach out to the ones who are not so good in it. My background is Davaoeño-Cebuano. It got some nuance of English and Tagalog in it (with my English training I can’t help combining them). But I’m trying to use native words as much as possible. Not as deep as the Cebu-Cebuanos though.

I’m starting out doing the talking head format because it’s less time consuming.  For now, my vlog will feature my journey to learning Spanish and other typical informative subjects. My new Gracee Vlogs is like a Cebuano extension of Mindanao Advice.  I hope it will work and it would be nice if you accompany me in my journey by subscribing to my videos in Youtube or liking my Facebook page for updates 🙂

Here is a little trailer for my channel:

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