Last Photos from an Amazing Island with 1000 Volcanoes

The smallest and the remotest of the Canary Islands, El Hierro, are in many ways the most progressive among them. Powered by wind and water the ten thousand residents are soon self-sufficient when it comes to electricity. And the goal is that everybody in a few years will drive electrical cars.

The Island is packed with volcanoes. There are about one thousand and the last eruption on land was two hundred years ago. The last underwater eruption happened in 2011 and gained the attention of the international scientific community. The island is declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and our three months here is one of the best times of my life.

I’m not sure about what I liked best because the island is so fantastically diverse. The last photos my husband took before we left shows why I will always think about El Hierro with peace in my mind 🙂




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  1. Thank you for these photographs evoking my own memories of the places shewn.
    I live in Timijiraque (not shewn in your pictures!) with a full-year rental – although I
    am here for only about four months each year.

    You are absolutely correct that it is difficult to choose what one likes best about
    the island. I wondered for years in which part I would live but fate, in 2014, led
    me here to Timijiraque and I am pleased that it did. There is a road up to Isora
    that was newly paved in 2014 that reduces journey time to El Pinar considerably
    and, of course, the tunnel means only half an hour to Frontera rather than the
    hour and a half over the top.

    I leave on Wednesday – not due to return until the autumn – and so my focus
    will switch to creating a summer home in Ireland. However, I draw strength
    from knowing that I will soon return to El Hierro – autumn, winter, spring.

    Congratulations on creating so many vibrant memories.
    May they stay with you as inspiration for years to come.
    It is said that those who stay more than ten days on El
    Hierro will want to stay for ever. It is like that but I have
    found that one CAN live elsewhere – provided that there
    is a real prospect of return within a not-too-distant future.

    In Friendship

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your wonderful reply. Yes, El Hierro is something exceptional and we will return someday, for sure. You might also be interested in seeing the photos from our first days in “Landed in El Hierro”, (some of them closer to your place and the new road to El Pinar 😊 ) and there are also more pictures in “The Natural Healing of El Tamaduste” and “Walking the Lava Path from El Tamaduste to La Fortaleza”. A happy trip back to Ireland! From a small diamond to a larger emerald in the Atlantic Ocean and vice versa. You are a lucky man!

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