Be Stylish the Green Way: 3 Tips for a Sustainable Fashion

Fast Fashion reflects our habit of buying cheap clothing easy to discard. Nothing wrong with being stylish, but engaging in fast fashion to keep up with the latest trends is something we need to ponder on all over the world.

As a young girl, I hated to wear the same outfit more than once or twice. For school or work, I always wanted to have a new daily twist and that’s of course expensive if you are wanting quality.  But since I didn’t have the budget for it, I spent money on cheap short-lived fashion like a never-ending buy and throw cycle. I was not aware that I had a destructive habit. Luckily, I have gotten wiser and became a lover of quality and sustainable living. It pays to know how fast fashion is the main contributor to the destruction of mother earth and to learn how I can fight back.

As I wrote in my first eco-fashion article; the clothes we wear are likely made in the Third World. Most of us know that and we also know about the poor and unfair working conditions. But too few of us are willing to do something about it. Fast fashion consumers are too often throwing away their clothing without thinking about it. Since most of these clothes are synthetic, they will only pollute and create more misery, and that is not what we want if we are honest with ourselves.

Here are three very simple things we can do:

  1. When buying clothes, make sure that it is of good quality and fair-trade produced. Take good care of your clothing.
  1. If you can, buy from eco-fashion boutiques or companies. Preferably purchase from small green businesses or startups to boost and encourage a more responsible entrepreneurial spirit.
  1. Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching fair-trade produced pieces that never go out of style or get morally bankrupt.  Donate still presentable clothes to charity or swap them. Give away or recycle.


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