My Dry Lips Solution

I have always been very careful about choosing lipsticks because some of them make my lips dry. I have never smoked, but when I was younger, my lifestyle was not very healthy. I slept little and late, consumed too much junk food and didn’t drink enough water. I guess I was often dehydrated, and living in a polluted city working long days — not a good combination for a healthy lifestyle with soft lips LOL

My dry and chapped lips was also a problem when I arrived in Spain. For the last years, I have tried to get rid of it with various brands of lip balms, but without success. However, some weeks after my arrival to Spain, I discovered a lip protection cream made from avocados on the Friday’s market in La Herradura.  It’s produced by a nearby cooperative called Marmosa and comes in a tiny 5g container, and has become my favorite lip balm.

It has a very light, smooth and oily texture. The color is like that of a very ripe avocado and the scent is not very strong. It’s made from refined avocado oil, virgin beeswax, and cinnamon essential oils. The product promises all day protection and hydration for the lips, and it keeps the promise very well.

The first time I applied it, I felt a little stinging sensation that disappeared fast. In the beginning, I used it almost every hour due to an old habit. But that was not necessary for long, my lips soon became much better, just as I want them to be 🙂

It’s amazing that a problem I believed I had to live with for very long suddenly became history. A tiny container of cream with natural ingredients did what big pharma solutions failed to do for me, and I learned something very important about what it takes to be healthy.

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