Flamenco y Mas: A Colorful Art Feast in Nerja

One of my acquaintances here in La Herradura, the Dutch painter and author Renate van Nijen, has given me an experience beyond the ordinary. Yesterday, she opened a colorful art exhibition in the town of Nerja with paintings and sculptures constituting a feminine entirety. Her exhibition is titled Flamenco y Más (Flamenco and More).

Taking pictures of Renate van Nijen’s art works at Sala Municipal de Exposiciones, Nerja.

I have visited her house in La Herradura and already seen some of her artworks, but it was at the exhibit in Nerja that I understood the great breadth of her talent. Her paintings and sculptures emanate from a holistic universe and her writing echoes her interest for human destinies as the two books I’ve reviewed in this blog, Reflections from La Herradura and The Hidden Voices of Alcoholism.

Pictures say more than words, and through her paintings and sculptures, she unfolds her talent in a fascinating way. The exhibition hall itself with arches and columns framed the artworks very well and I got a feeling of being in a temple built as a colorful tribute to matriarchy.


Talking with the featured artist, Renate van Nijen.



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Renate van Nijen’s Books

The exhibition runs between December 2-16, 2016 at the Sala Municipal de Exposiciones in Nerja with a time schedule from 11:30 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00. Free entrance 🙂

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