2017: En Route to New Challenges

Tomorrow, we will take our first steps into 2017… a year predicted to be more uncertain than the past decades. But I hope that common sense will survive and that the large imbalance in society becomes less.

My own goals are clear, but will I have the discipline to achieve them? 2016 gave me a great chance to improve both personally and professionally. Moving from the Philippines to Spain opened up for a greater understanding of the large variety of possibilities life has to offer, and also for the importance of willpower.

I have written down goals for seven areas of my life: Personal, Family, Career, Financial, Educational, Health, and Social, and I have broken them down into small achievable items.

First and most important: Health. I will exercise more and live healthily. It’s so obvious, but somehow also very difficult. Old habits are difficult to change and I really have to be focused here.

The next ones that need a clear focus are language learning and my copywriting training. There is a lot of repetition in both fields and it can easily be boring. I have to be very firm here!

I was born on an island and soon I will be staying three months on a small, volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean, and I don’t know how to swim! Guess what my next goal is? Learning to swim will surely make me tired and reinforce a healthy sleeping pattern because I am a nocturnal owl, LOL

My snacks are often sugary so I want to cut back on that. And the biggest one to implement would be my plan to ditch mass-produced products and use healthier alternatives.

I will also try to implement a 52-week savings plan popularized by my friends on Facebook. I hope I will have discipline enough, and I will surely give you an update on 2018.

A New Year gives most of us a sweet reminder to change our lives for the better. With the dark clouds in the 2017 horizon, it’s more important than ever to be disciplined in our personal quest for a good and meaningful life. My husband and I wish you all a Happy New Year! 🙂

By the way, if you have problems with your New Year’s Resolutions, you might use some explaining from a cute 4-year-old… credits to Tingman via Youtube.


2 Replies to “2017: En Route to New Challenges”

  1. Hi Grace,
    That’s a good resolution for this year and my best wishes to you..
    Every One has to change for better..
    Leaning is the process and while on journey of life, study the people and don’t even waste a single minute because time is like water in stream..
    You can’t get the same water twice..
    Take care and my new year wishes and best of luck with your resolution ..

    1. Thanks for your very good comment. I will do my best to achieve my goals and hope that we can do something together in the future. Happy New Year!:)

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