Friendship and Money

While scrolling my Facebook news feeds today, I come across some status updates of my friends telling the world how pissed off they are regarding people who didn’t pay back private loans. I remembered that a friend of mine lent some money from me some years ago and I wondered what she would do if I kindly reminded her about it. I wanted a positive story to write about and was pretty sure that she would say she was sorry and pay as soon as possible. I was thinking that she would tell me about her daily struggle, ask for a little more time, pay me and I would have written a story about the daily toil in my country. On how hard it is sometimes to survive, but without losing dignity by not doing things right.

I thought I had a good story within reach because she posted some days ago some nice things that she had just bought. I was pretty sure that she would pay me back when reminded. But instead, she blocked me on Facebook and my story changed to this little sigh from the heart.

It´s human nature to want to help others especially family members and friends. And if I have extra money, why not? It’s just that sometimes it backfires. My friends blocking action strained our friendship a bit, I must admit that. But maybe she got embarrassed and acted as a result of that? I don’t know but next time when somebody asks me for a loan, I will be more restrictive.

I like to help if I can because I was once in a difficult situation and somebody helped me. I don’t feel depressed about the money, but our friendship could have been saved if she just talked to me instead of turning away. Sometimes, when you help others, the ending is not always happy. Better safe than sorry is a quote that we often repeat all over the world, but without taking some chances we will never know if we are right or wrong. So it is a question of balance and to find it is a lifelong process, I believe 🙂

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