The Stupidest Thing I Have Done

I did several stupid things as I was growing up like a dangerous climb to get access to a fiesta in a village, playing ¨Walkman¨ on full sound all night that I still have a little trouble with my left ear, participating in a beer drinking contest that I vomited all over the place, and eager to please my teacher, took on a cleaning task that I turned into a small water catastrophe, etc…

But this is nothing compared to my foolishness of using all my energy and small savings in becoming white and tall. I had a secret dream of becoming a Miss Universe, but I was way too short and I disliked the golden skin I was born with. The ideal of being as white and tall as possible is a social disease all over Asia and it almost crippled me for the rest of my life.

I took different types of supplements all at once to speed up the process. I took whitening capsules, height enhancers, and miracle pills for almost all parts of the body from head to toe. Some were cheap products in tempting wrappers and I cried bitter tears because I didn’t have money for face improvement, breast augmentation and leg lengthening surgery LOL.

Luckily enough my mother discovered what was going on and became so mad that she scared the shit out of me, and I’m normally not easy to scare. When I have decided something, I can be very firm. But I listened to my mother and I’m sure that if I had continued my crazy consumption of dangerous products which promise to make me white and tall, I might have been severely ill or dead by now.

It’s a pity that many Asians are so dissatisfied with the skin we are born with and I hope that this old standards of Asian beauty will be replaced soon with a natural and healthy one.

I’m now living under the sun in Spain, my skin becomes more and more golden brown and no one can see that I once almost sacrificed my life to become a white ghost 🙂


Happy as I am.
Happy as I am.




2 Replies to “The Stupidest Thing I Have Done”

  1. I love reading your blog posts sissy MISS U-ALMOST, hahahahaha! I can still remember those days we talked about you having some kinda augmentation because you were always teased of not so lucky to not have that cup everyone wanted. But hey, Eldar loves you for who you are – no pretensions, no fake butts, no ghostly-pale skin. Now you’re becoming more and more enlightened. Thank goodness you never had those dreadful overdoses (Uuulk). Love ya sis! Send my regards to Eldar.

    1. Hahaha, thank you so much! It took time but ended well hahaha. Eldar sends regards too and I miss you all! All the best!

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