Walking, Our Early Morning Routine

In Davao, my husband and I used to brisk-walk around the neighborhood every morning. My husband took the initiative because he wanted to lose weight and we made it a routine to get up at 5.30 am.  The benefits of walking 30 minutes every morning are remarkable and it’s easy to include it in daily activities. It’s only to get up early enough and keep on doing it, LOL.

Walking in the pleasant temperature of the early morning while the sun rises feels like a blessing and a good way to welcome a new day.  In a few months, my husband lost 11 kilos and he became much fitter.

There is really a big difference between walking versus not walking. After moving to Spain, my husband gained weight again. He lost focus on exercising due to a serious accident that happened with his youngest son, Edvard. When I arrived in Spain, we continued after a few days to Norway and exercise was not on our agenda. But we could have found room for it if we had been disciplined enough, and the lesson here is to never give up good habits even if the circumstances change.

We are now back in Spain. Edvard is recovering well in Norway and my husband and I are back to our old walking routine. We have decided to pump up our discipline and walk a path Edvard and my husband discovered together in the beautiful La Herradura area before the accident.

I admire the morning beauty of the sea that is just a few steps away from our house. Our walking route is along the beach before we enter a little steep path with amazing views of the town, the bay, and the mountains. On the route back to town we pass by the church, small plazas, nice alleys, and charming streets.

I feel blessed to be able to experience this exercise every morning. It´s a unique feeling to be close to nature and let the scent of the pretty flowers linger under my nose. I´m also fascinated with trees. More so upon seeing different kinds of birds flying and nesting in them or just collecting food.

Walking with my husband is very enriching because we often talk about a lot of interesting things, and there are also times we just enjoy the soft silence of the arriving day.

Back home we make breakfast together before we spend a few hours on the beach. I take my tab and notes to study Spanish while listening to the waves and my husband gets his daily swim.

Let me share to you some of our morning walk moments:

Morning has broken…


The forest above the town


La Herradura


Back on track


Wondering if it is a Sampaloc tree


The church and the mountains


Soon back home


A little rest before breakfast and beach


Beach tennis


Learning Spanish

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