Potato and Stones as Symbols of Love

I love to find meanings in simple things. An evening in Davao, my husband and I cooked dinner. I was in charge of cleaning the ingredients (as usual LOL), and I found a heart-shaped potato. For the record, here it is…

I immediately associated it with my happiness, a sign of love that is present in a simple thing like a small potato if you just see it. Love is not talking in big words; love is the small signs in the daily toil that makes you feel good.

On our recent trip to Jomfruland in Norway, I saw a long line of gravel, stones, pebbles, and rocks left by nature after the ice age. I picked two small stones as souvenirs. For me, these stones represent the state of the earth now…

… the one with only a few green colors in it, mostly brown due to deforestation and parts of it black due to sea pollution. Beside it, the grey-silvery looking one shows the concrete side due to commercialization and uncontrolled industrialization. It may be full of luster but not colorful at all. It looks lifeless to me. It’s sad what we have done to Mother Earth.  Nature is struggling to survive and the stones I found carried a personal message to me.  As I started this article; I love to find symbolism in simple things 🙂

Some days ago, my husband surprised me with a pebble and a stone at the same time. Both are in heart shapes. I got touched by the sweet gesture and when my husband went for his swimming, I was left thinking about symbolic issues at hand, haha.

The first thing that came to mind was how lucky I am to have a loving, responsible, supportive, and understanding husband. Most women I know are dreaming of grand gifts; a fancy car, a big house, or other material stuff, and I don’t deny that I also have done that. But the loving gesture of finding and giving the stone hearts on the beach is something more. It is like a pretty red rose that speaks silently of love.

I guess I will never get tired of giving meanings to things. It brightens up the day and keeps me going. I must admit that I’m also working hard to gain success and that my dream is to become rich. But these little things are reminders for me to do it right. If I look at my own life, I can say I am successful enough because I have love and somebody who loves me. I am happy that the humblest thing in the universe, a small potato, and some stones make me see the real meaning of life, and at the same time inspire me to work hard to be successful so that other dreams of mine will come true 🙂

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