Meetup with Old-time Friends in Oslo

Spain is great, but like all new things, it takes time to get used to it 🙂  I enjoy the climate and the easy way of living but I understood fast that I needed time to be bold enough to practice the Spanish I have learned. And when my husband and I also had to go to Oslo for three weeks due to urgent family matters, I got a new culture and much colder weather to deal with, and I had to use all of my mental power to really understand the bright side of life, LOL.

But it helps to have an understanding husband and also to discover that there is a lot of Filipinos here, among them some of my childhood friends from Davao City, Philippines. They have been in Norway for a long time and contacted me after learning from Facebook that I was in Oslo.  My husband and I got invited to their house and it was nice after so many years to meet Auntie Agnes and Uncle Nante in this much-unexpected way. We are not really relatives but in the Philippines, we call our closest friends and elders that way.

Their daughter Kaye was my childhood best friend and playmate for a period but she had other priorities this time. I was a little disappointed but she has been in Norway since she was very young and her early life in the Philippines is probably just a curiosity. However, I met the sister of my Uncle, Yeyen, whom I have known since childhood because we used to make their house as our playground, LOL, and it was really nice to meet all three of them again. Thanks, Auntie and Uncle for the delicious Filipino food you served and for the very warm welcome. It’s nice to see that Filipinos manage well abroad and are assets to the country they live in.

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