Trip to Almuñecar: Relinking an Old Friendship

We received an invitation for meet ups from an old friend of my husband who have just bought a small town house together with his wife in Almuñecar. It´s just a 10 minute bus ride from our area in La Herradura. I was excited for my husband meeting old buddies after more than a decade of not seeing each other. Their friendship dates back when they were in their early 20s but the last twenty-five years they have not been in touch.

He was waiting for us near the bus station and my husband recognized him at once. After exchanging hugs and handshakes, we went to a bar and met his wife and talked about family matters and also the challenge of learning Spanish. We continued to another bar, met acquaintances from England, an old funny transvestite and more Norwegians. There is a Norwegian community in Almuñecar, and my husband learned that some other old friends also are living in the area.

Everyone was friendly and including. They talked about anything especially from the good old days and in the process, I learned some more about my husband too LOL.  His friends gave me the opportunity to see my husband in a different perspective. He once was the leader of the pack and lived a real rock’n roll life.


We hopped from one bar to another and I had a battery of tour guides telling me about the place and the history with it.


Almuñecar is a vibrant old town with more restaurants, bars, hotels and places of interests, compared to our more peaceful La Herradura. But it’s only 10 minutes away so we have the best of two worlds.


It took us until evening to enjoy the town and bid goodbye to my new friends. I went home with the thoughts that despite the distance and the years gone by, true friendships still remain as if nothing had changed. I hope I can eventually say the same with my friends back in the Philippines someday.

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