Congratulations, Mayor of the Philippines!

A lot of exciting things happen in my life now, and when the much-anticipated election recently held for the national office turned out the way I prayed for, it became perfect. It’s not about me in politics (wishful thinking hehe), but it´s all about the victory of our very own Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte whom I have rooted for.

The people of The Philippines have wisely chosen a leader with strong principles, decisiveness, pragmatism and patriotism, someone who is also humble enough to admit that he cannot do the needed changes without the people´s cooperation. For me, he is the only candidate with a fair chance to lead the Philippines out of our institutionalized swamp of corruption and hypocrisy. I hope and feel that the Filipinos’ quality of life will be improved and Duterte is not overpromising, because, with Davao City as an example, we can see a very good pattern of governance.

I just can’t help smirking a little when I hear someone say the Mayor is not elite, a thug, and of low life caliber. These people don’t like the way he acts and talk and the so-called elites criticize him a lot. They don’t know that it’s just his way of being true to himself. The years of experience Duterte has gained serving the people of his city will now be used to unite our country. He may be very simple and nonchalant, but he knows how to handle a crisis, how to unite, and he has a deeply felt understanding of what we need as a people to create a society based on the principles of solidarity.

I will not prolong my post because all I wish is to be able to congratulate the Mayor of the Philippines through my blog before his official proclamation. Cheers to the Philippines and good luck to you, Mayor, for a new beginning 🙂

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