My Wishes for a New Life in Spain

My trip to Spain is approaching and I’m getting a bit jittery. For me, it means no more of my mother´s cooking and care, and I might even miss my sisters´ annoying noises 🙂 Moving out isn’t easy but accompanying my husband in Spain would prove to be all worth it. Preparation tasks are many like settling my family in a new house, establishing financial matters, gathering connections, and many others. Not to mention, how much I am going to miss my friends.

Even though I might be leaving a lot behind, the excitement for something new ignites the desire in me to go and see the world and build up a new life together with my husband. I know life isn´t a fantasy, but there are things I would wish to happen:


I wish that I would learn Spanish fast


I have already learned basic Spanish grammar for 16 days in a two-month period and I can write simple sentences but would I be able to speak it? I wish to immerse myself in a community where I am forced to express myself in Spanish through writing and speaking. I believe learning a language properly takes you inside the “soul” of a country.


I wish to see a lot of cultural and art shows

I have always been fascinated by culture and the arts and enjoy interesting historical events and celebrations. I like to watch cultural performances showcasing deep heritage. In Davao, cultural life is a bit lacking. I remember the moment I and my friends tried to revive the feel and put up some shows with our theater company as an umbrella for all other cultural organizations to flourish. It was off to a good start but internal problems disbanded it. But Davao City has a nice museum now and I wish to see the famous ones in Spain.


I wish to experience the real siesta times

I find time differences weirdly funny and the ways people around the world spend their time in general. I know that most places in Spain are still following the old siesta schedules and all shops and offices are closed for four hours in the early afternoon. My mind is still baffled how it is possible to go out at 2 pm with closed stores but lively restaurants, or maybe I am just exaggerating.



I wish to have the opportunity to travel to other parts of Europe
I like to travel when I have the opportunity. My wish also when I arrive there will be a chance to explore other parts of Europe.



 spanish-cuisine-506057_960_720I wish to taste authentic Spanish foods and wines
We will live in a genuine Spanish coastal town very near to the essential things in life especially the restaurants serving authentic Spanish cuisine. I love food and even if I don´t cook, I am a good taster. It will be exciting for me to discover the differences in tastes between the Spanish restaurants in the Philippines and the motherland.


I wish to feel the subtropical weather and get used to it
Subtropical weather is still very cold for me so I wish that my body will get used to it fast and not look silly with my covered attire. I wish to enjoy the outdoors a lot and work outside our home from time to time so it is important for me to really dig into the weather.


I wish to meet a lot of people and communicate
The concept of traveling is also to meet a lot of people and develop new friendships. I wish that I will be able to adapt well to the local community.




I wish to develop my independence
I have prepared myself for major changes in my life and have always been good at adjusting. However, with my family around for a long time I slack off in that department. This time, I wish to be more confident with my life, be successful at what I do, and learn much more.


I wish to walk a lot
I wish to walk a lot in Spain because I want to admire its beauty from a close range. Add to it, for exercise purposes and also to maintain my health and of my husband. The benefits of walking are enormous and there is no better way than exercising for free.



I wish to learn to swim
Last but not the least, the ultimate outdoor activity to learn is swimming. I wish to be so good at it. We will live very close to the beach and I can’t just sit there while the people around me are playing in the clean fresh sea like dolphins, can I? I’m looking forward to getting tanned and enjoying life with my husband in a pleasant climate with clean air and 320 days of sun every year.

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